Plymouth Creek Park

Plymouth Creek Park Fernbrook

If you live in Fernbrook, Indiana, you can enjoy the wide variety of recreational activities offered at Plymouth Creek Park Fernbrook. The park is filled with picnic shelters and playgrounds, as well as a skate and bike park. For more information, check out the following links!

Disc golf

Located near the Millennium Garden, Plymouth Creek Playfield Park features 94 acres of recreational space and sports facilities. A skate park and baseball, softball, and soccer fields provide plenty of opportunities to stay active and healthy. Disc golf is available in the park, which is also home to a disc golf course. The park also hosts regular community events, including the Summer Series Skate Event. While visiting the park, take time to explore its unique amenities.

There are two courses in Plymouth, including the renowned Plymouth Creek Playfield, a nine-hole course with a 12-hole course, and the beginner-friendly Zachary Playfield, which is less than half an acre in size. There is also nature-filled Nature Canyon Park, an expansive 71-acre park off Interstate 494 featuring unpaved trails and unique forest ecology. Disc golfers can also get in some exercise on the Pumptrack, a paved track with a perfect slope for riding a bike.

Batting cages

The batting cages at the Plymouth Creek Park are fun for the whole family! The park is located at 3625 Fernbrook Ln N. The park offers three baseball fields and is a great place to practice hitting, throwing, and fielding. The fields are sized to play Little League baseball, and have grass infields, elevated mounds, and covered dugouts. The park also offers bullpens next to each field.

If you love to skate, you can try skating at the two rinks in Plymouth. There are also a couple of staffed rinks, but be sure to bring your own skates or gloves! The city parks also have warming facilities. If you prefer to play indoors, check out the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park. This park has more than a dozen attractions, including go-karts, acrobatic challenges, and multi-level indoor playgrounds. The park also has a separate play area for children seven and younger. See This Article!

Skate park

The skate park at Plymouth Creek is free for the public to use. It is located on Fernbrook Road, south of Rockford Road (county road 9). The park is easy to get to, is family-friendly, and has a creative skate park. The public is welcome to watch the skateboard contest in the spectator area. The skate park is a great place to learn how to skate. A skateboarder who has no experience is welcome to compete in the beginner, intermediate, and advanced divisions.

The old skate park at Plymouth Creek Playfield was a lame set of portable metal ramps. It has since been renovated into an official skate park, which is called a skate plaza. The skate park’s ramps are about three feet wide, and the new park has a variety of unique features, such as the city’s logo-shaped ramp. The park is open daily from 9 a.m. to sundown. There are also two ball fields and a shelter where families can picnic. The park is home to the annual Summer Series Skate Event.


If you’re looking for a new apartment in the city of Minneapolis, try the Fernbrook Townhomes. Located on 14200 43rd Avenue in Plymouth, MN, they are equipped with air conditioning and many amenities. Residents of Fernbrook like the fact that the community is bike friendly and the sidewalks are well-lit at night. They also have ample parking and are close to many area amenities, such as the Cottonwood Plaza and the Plymouth Collection.

If you’re looking for a wheelchair accessible bathroom, make sure to visit the Restrooms at the Fernbrook Plymouth neighborhood park. This restroom is located at 12605 Rockford Rd. This is one of the few parks in Plymouth that open later than most Twin Cities parks. The location is perfect for those with mobility issues, and has a wide range of amenities for people of all ages and abilities. Refer to This Page!

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