The Wash Masters Team Story

In the beginning, owners Mike and Ashley were the first and only employees of the company.  Through hours of investment, they built the reputation of Wash Masters from scratch.  In the first couple years, their skills earned them more and more business to the point where they needed to hire help.

Shane — In 2019 Mike and Ashley hired a young man named, Shane.  He was 17 and still finishing high school.  From the moment Shane came onboard and was trained, he had a knack for the work.  He would take direction and instantly apply it to the work being done.  For Mike and Ashley, it was huge relief to have such high-quality talent coming from an employee having zero experience in that field of work.  The couple felt as if they hit the employee lottery!  Since then, Shane has grown his role with Wash Masters from an entry level technician, to crew lead, and is now being cross trained in our soft washing and pressure washing side of the company.


Garrett — As the company was continuing to grow to the meet the demands of their customers, Mike and Ashley began 2020 with a mission to find more high-quality staff that would continue to strengthen the Wash Masters reputation.  During their search they were introduced to Garrett.  On the outside, his appearance would fit the role as front man of a famous rock band, however, below that surface exists an intellectual and detail driven artisan.  Quickly after his training he was able to execute the calls of company.  He was meticulous in chasing down the details of the project – what needs to be done and how to complete it right.  Through his tenure, he has rose the ranks from technician, to crew lead, to being our lead soft washing technician.

Cody — In 2021 the culture at Wash Masters was at an all-time high.  Everyone would work hard, and we all were proud of the work we did. There was an excitement to be able to preform the transformations we did with our cleaning projects and Shane caught the attention of his friend, Cody and brought it to Mike and Ashley that his buddy would be a great addition to the team.  He was right, Cody was a perfect fit to the culture.  From his initial training, through his first year with the company Cody would never shy away from the hard work in the job.  From the first day on the job and still just as present today, Cody and Shane have a heathy competitive back and forth that drives them both.  However, individually Cody’s work ethic and his willingness to take on challenges has propelled his career with the company from a technician to now taking lead on our newest offering, Christmas light installation.