The Story of Wash Masters

The story of Wash Masters, is a story of a young husband and wife, raising three small children, while working two incredibly demanding careers.   Owner’s Mike and Ashley Maharas are college sweethearts that found love for each other through their mutual ambitions of personal growth, a passion for serving others, and a desire to build a legacy. As each approached the ten-year marker in their careers, they began losing sight of their goals and what they set-out to achieve through their continued investment in their employers.  At first, this just was a nagging feeling in the back of their minds and frequently discussed over family dinners and walks down their favorite trail.  Soon enough this feeling was so persistent that it was impossible to ignore, and they knew without a doubt, they must take action…their next step was to become an entrepreneur.

Cleaning Windows

Between Mike’s career in sales & marketing and Ashley’s career in accounting & finance, they had a strong set of skills in many of the basic fundamentals, required to run a business.  Unfortunately, they lacked creative ideas to start a business, so they looked into several franchise ideas, and the possibility of buying an existing business, but overall, none of those peaked their interest or made them feel the reward was worth the risk.  This is how serendipity works, they came across a listing for a window cleaning business for sale on Craigslist, and the price was right.  Ashley and Mike quickly set-up a meeting with the owner.  When they met with this person, they learned he was from the same small town they lived in, Delano.  As they learned more about the ins and outs of the business, they also found it checked all of their boxes, and most importantly, it served three of their greatest passions – real estate, cleaning, and serving others. Ultimately, the owner decided not to sell his window cleaning business.

Although, the deal did not go through, Mike and Ashley decided they would start a window cleaning business of their own!  In the spirit of being the millennials they are, they began to research on the internet on how to clean a window and the tools of the trade. The more they researched and the further down the rabbit hole they went, the more their confidence grew.  Although, they still didn’t have a name for the business.  One day while heading back to their jobs from a lunch meet up, Ashley made the joking and obvious suggestion, “how about something like, Wash Masters?”  “That’s it”, Mike exclaimed.  From there, just like a snowball rolling down a hill, momentum grew and so did the business.  Five years quickly passed by, but Mike and Ashley never stopped dreaming and building to Wash Masters present state of 4 crews and 7 employees, an expanded premium service line of not only window cleaning, but also pressure washing and gutter cleaning, with 2,000+ clients served, over 400,000+ pieces of glass cleaned, and 3 million square feet of surfaces pressure washed.