Wash Masters Service Story


The task of window cleaning and pressure washing is a simple chore at face value.  The tools used to complete these projects are readily available at the local big box home improvement store.  However, for those that attempt to preform the task they will quickly find out that those tools and more importantly, their skills are severely lacking.  Just like every other trade, window cleaning and pressure washing require professional grade tools and years of practice to achieve transformational results.  


From the very beginning of Wash Masters, all the way to present day, the expectation of transformational results has been a minimum expectation for founders Mike and Ashley, all the way to the existing team working on your projects today.  Wash Masters invests in the most advanced window cleaning and pressure washing tools and technology and trained by industry-leading professionals to follow best practices and techniques that deliver world-class results.


Beyond just exceptional results their customers have come to expect of the Wash Masters team, they also have come to know Wash Masters as an industry leader in customer experience.  From the moment you reach out to get a quote, either through their user-friendly website or their friendly helpful staff on the phone, it is clear that providing you information timely and accurately is their first priority.  Once their team has identified your needs, they work expediently to generate a quote that is fair and accurate.


Wash Masters takes great pride in setting proper expectations and providing clear communication in the days leading to your project.  You will receive the necessary information laying out what is needed on your end, and what you can expect from them regarding how to make the most success of your project. When the day of service comes, you will know approximately when your team of cleaning professionals will arrive, as well as what they need from you to set the project off on the rightfoot.  You will be greeted by a friendly crew member, with a thourough explanation of how the work will be completed, leaving you with confidence in the steps they are taking to get the project done right.  At any moment, you are encouraged to speak with the crew to gather feedback on your project, and likewise, the crew will seek you out to provide feedback on the status of the work being done.  While it is Wash Masters commitment to deliver exceptional results, we are equally committed to your experience while working with us.

While your crew is onsite at your home or business you will be able to observe the team meticulously move step-by-step completing the work from the inside out and/or top to bottom.  The team will make every effort to achieve amazing results and when they encounter challenges to delivering those results you will know the crew is putting in the extra effort to engaging a different approach to hit the target.  In the rare instances they are unable to meet their commitments the team will work with the home office to default your project to the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and deliver a resolution before the the work is complete.

At the end of the project you will have your crew lead walk you through the work they’ve completed and highlight the successes they achieved and address once more any reasons the projects work wasn’t able to be carried out as planned. their final sentiments are to emphasize the 72 hour warranty on the work they’ve completed as well as their commitment to 100% satisfaction. After the team’s departure the home office will be back in touch the day following to check in on the results you are seeing, but most importantly to make sure that you are feeling the same way about the work they completed as you did the day proceeding. The entire team at Wash Masters holds two things at the highest priority, their customer’s experience/satisfaction and their reputation that led you to choose them in the first place.