Rust Stain Removal

Rust Stain Removal

Rust is the result when the surfaces of metal materials around your building retain water for a very long period of time. This happens a lot during rainy season. When it rains, water does not find its way out of the surfaces totally. The remnant of the water will then form a reddish-brown substance, having been dried by air. However, if the substances formed are not properly taken care of, it may result into a permanent stain on either your roofs or on other areas where metals are etched. 

Rust Stains are also caused by a variety of different sources. Rust stain removal is not a one step process that fit’s every rust stain. When trying to achieve rust removal; one must first be able to identify the kind of rust stain and the appropriate safe rust stain removal product to be used.

Rust does not only make surfaces of your buildings look horrible, it also reduces the curb appeal of the whole building. And that may not attract your potential buyers should you want to put your houses up for sale. Rustic metals around your louvers will either chase your customers away or reduce the value of the property. To avoid that bad scenario, you need to hire us, being the professional rust cleaner. We do a thorough removal of rust on all surfaces to give your buildings a total new look.

Residential Rust Removal 

Houses are the most affected when it comes to the issue of rust. That is because people do not often take proper care of their residential property the same way they take care of their commercial property. Rustic roofs, more often than not, are seen more on residential buildings than they are seen on commercial houses. For one reason or the other, house owners do not always have the time to take care of their houses. Some spend more time at their working places than at their residential places.

While you are away at work, we take care of your house duty of rust removal. We have different solutions to different rust problems as we are aware that each degree of rustiness requires a different method. For instance, slight rust is different from deep rust. And as such, the two require the application of two rust removers. 

Commercial Rust Removal 

Your working instruments have become decayed that they could no longer work effectively, and you are planning on acquiring new ones? Some of the stills meant to add inner aesthetics to your offices have been nearing their end as a  result of the little rust that form around them? Wait! Don’t think of replacing them yet. We can help you get rid of the little rust, and restore them to their former state. That is what we are good at!

We are good at removing rustic spots that affect the view of your well-furnished offices. Rust is a bad friend to metallic objects, especially those that are meant to support a building. Apart from the fact that it affects the appearance of a building negatively, it also puts the owner into a difficult financial situation when the affected surfaces are many. Removing rust will be a less costly alternative as our charges are moderate. 

Our process and procedure is able to achieve up to 100% Rust Stain Removal for such rust stains as fertilizer rust stains batter acid rust stains and irrigation rust stains.


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