window cleaning starter kit

Window cleaning tools are not expensive, and you don’t need a lot to start cleaning windows. If you are a beginner, you can find professional-grade tools at a low price with a window cleaning starter kit. Ettore’s channel squeegees come in a variety of sizes and have quick release handles that make channel changes quick and easy. The rubber is packaged in a convenient storage tube and comes in six and twelve-inch lengths. The kit comes with washers for most windows, and the squeegee is adjustable.

Ettore 6 inch scraper

If you’re looking for a window cleaning kit that’s easy to use, the Ettore 6 inch scraper window cleaning kit may be a good choice. The tool features a six-inch scraper with extra blades that are super-sharp. The handle is rubberized for a comfortable grip even when it’s wet.

Ettore also makes a professional window cleaning tool line. The Ettore Pro+ scraper features an extra-wide blade for maximum efficiency, a quick-release handle, and an ergonomic handle with a safety-tie system that prevents accidental cuts. The rubber comes in a convenient storage tube and is available in six and twelve-inch sizes. It also comes with a washer that fits most windows.

The Ettore Professional Window Cleaning Starter Kit with 4 Extension Pole is also an excellent choice for those who want an effective window cleaning kit. The telescoping pole is adjustable up to 65 inches, and features two 12-inch cleaning heads. It’s lightweight, weighing just over a pound, and can be used to clean large windows, like those on tall buildings. This kit also comes with an additional microfiber cloth and a 1-year warranty.

Ettore 6 gallon bucket

If you are looking for a window cleaning starter kit that will give you everything you need to get started, Ettore has a new design to offer. Their new Super Bucket holds up to 6 gallons of cleaning solution and fits up to an 18″ washer. The bucket is sturdy and comes with a handle for easy transport. The squeegee is easy to store in the bucket, but be careful not to leave the rubber blades in contact with anything. This can warp the blades and cause nicks.

Whether you’re a first-time window cleaner or a pro, the Ettore window cleaning starter kit is an essential toolkit. The kit includes all of the tools and accessories you need to get started. The tools are high-quality, and they will give you a professional finish that’s sure to impress.

The kit comes with a bottle of Dazzle-100, a window cleaning solution formulated specifically for cleaning windows. It’s ammonia-free and will leave your windows streak-free. Plus, it’s safe for your plants, pets, and kids. It also comes with a bronze wool scrubber that won’t scratch your windows. It’s tough enough to get rid of most stains. Lastly, the Ettore 6 inch scraper has extra blades and is super-sharp. The scraper should be used in a forward and straight motion to remove dirt.


A Dazzle-100 window cleaning starter kit can save you money and time by reducing the number of products you need to buy. It contains all of the supplies you need to get started as a traditional window cleaner, including a high-quality detailing cloth, multiple squeegee channels, and a carrying case. Dazzle-100 works by cleaning glass and window films without leaving behind any residue. It is also highly concentrated, so you won’t have to carry around a large container of water. This will also cut down on the time needed to re-stock. One gallon of Dazzle-100 can last up to 1,280 gallons, which can be a huge savings for you and your crew. Furthermore, Dazzle-100 is environmentally friendly and is USDA approved, so you can feel good about using it in your business.

Trojan Trolley

A Trojan Trolley window cleaning starter kit is an excellent option for the home window cleaner. It is designed with durability in mind and is available in two sizes to meet a variety of needs. It is available with or without a water tank and features a built-in hose reel and 30 metres of 8mm hose. It is ideal for domestic and commercial window cleaning.