Window Cleaning Hacks

If your windows mean anything to you, then we’re sure that you use the services of a professional window cleaning company. However, you don’t have to look through dirty windows until they get cleaned by a company semi-annually. The fact is that in between you call a company to fix your windows, there are a few hacks through which you can clean your windows yourself. Of course, you might think that you already know these, but do read this blog, and we’re sure that it will change your perception. Here are a few window cleaning hacks to make your windows clean as a whistle:

Stop Using the Newspaper:

We know that the number one usage of a newspaper after reading it is to clean windows. However, the method is not that efficient and can leave ink stains on your hands and window panes. Not enough shine can even be attained by using newspapers as window cleaners. Instead of using a newspaper, try using a coffee machine filter paper that can provide you the scrub power you need to clean it off thoroughly.

Use a Homemade Cleaner:

When made the right way, homemade cleaners can be a blessing when it comes to cleaning windows. The fact is that window cleaners can easily be made and you should try them out! All you need is water, vinegar, and soap to create the perfect window cleaner. The best way to make a homemade cleaner is to take two parts of water and one part each of vinegar and soap. This much quantity is enough to do all the cleaning. One thing though, please refrain from drenching your windows completely in this solution. Just use it like any other solution that you can buy from your local store.

Take Care of the Windows:

Taking care while cleaning your windows is perhaps the most essential hack you need. Windows are made of glass, and cleaning them can deposit streaks. Streaks are hard to clean, but if you know how to squeegee through a coffee filter, then pretty much all streaks can vanish. If still some streaks remain, head over to your local store and buy a whiteboard marker. Use it carefully over the streaks and try cleaning them again. This should be able to get the job done!

These hacks can essentially be handy if you are concerned about cleaning windows. The purpose of a window is to not just lookout, but rather feel the serenity and warmth the surrounding provide us!