One of the central perks of hiring Wash Masters to clean up the exterior of your house is the fact that you can estimate all the prices beforehand. Wash Masters is always looking to improve customer experience, and one of the features that we provide is our fantastic instant estimator. What is an instant estimator? Well, it is a tool that you can use by visiting our website. Our website contains a clean and easy to use interface. Our website has been optimized for best performance and maneuvering it won’t cause much trouble as it doesn’t get stuck at any moment. Here are some of the reasons why our instant estimator is a blessing in disguise:

Once you visit our website, on the top bar, you will see several tabs as well as dropdowns. Click on the one that says, instant estimator. As you click the instant estimator tab, you will be redirected to a page of our site which will have the following features:

Service Customizer:

Essentially, the primary purpose of our instant estimator is that you can customize your services and receive an estimate on the spot. It can often happen that estimating the phone can be hard. Plus, having this estimator on our website means that it has authority. Whatever figure that you get after typing the number of windows, we can assure you that the value of your expenses will be around that.

The number of Window Panes:

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for commercial window cleaning services or residential window cleaning services. The same estimator can be used to make both estimates. Furthermore, the window cleaning charges can easily be obtained by entering the number of windows you want the get cleaned. If you own a commercial building with hundreds of windows, then making an estimate won’t be a problem. Just enter the number of window panes you want to get cleaned!

Counting Windows

What Needs to Cleaned:

What’s more important is that you understand your requirements in terms of what needs to clean when it comes to your windows. Our instant estimator will show two options in this case. By clicking the first option, you will choose only to clean the exterior of your window panes. On the other hand, the second option allows one to get an estimate over the interior, exterior, sills, tracks & screens. Naturally, the rate of the second option will be higher, but it will make your windows clean as a whistle.

Commercial Window Cleaning:

Most commercial buildings have stories of more than one or two. So, counting windows can be a tough task. However, once you know the windows of one or two of your stories, and you know for a fact that each story has the same windows. Calculating it won’t be difficult. All you have to do is just to enter the number of stories your building has, and hence you will achieve your precise estimate.

You can get all these advantages from our Instant Estimator, so be sure to try it before you call looking around for estimates!