Surfside Park

Surfside Park on Commerce Blvd Mound

The abandoned Mound depot building sits at the entrance of Surfside Park, and is an aesthetically disappointing site. The interior space is cramped and lacks adequate kitchen appliances. Its steep slope and lack of tree canopy cover contribute to erosion of the surrounding soil, and many residents of Mound don’t recognize the historic building as part of Surfside Park. Additionally, regular vehicle use has left the surface bare, contributing to a lack of curb appeal. Fortunately, a series of interior renovations are in the works for 2018 and 2019. A great place to also visit is!

Placemaking elements will enhance the identity of Surfside Park as a beach destination

The full implementation of the Master Plan is dependent on several factors, including demand, costs and construction phasing. Phase 1 of the process included an online community survey to assess views and preferences of the park. Survey results indicated that over one thousand people responded. Public outreach included posting flyers throughout the park and social media. The overwhelming response to the survey indicated a high level of community appreciation for the park.

A kiosk will provide important information to boat launch users, including park policies. It should also provide interpretive information about Surfside Park’s history, which is already displayed on the monument sign along Bartlett Boulevard. The kiosk can be located near the playground area and complement the existing historical marker. The kiosk will also serve as a gathering space for the community. Click Here For more Info!

Tensile shade structures will enhance the identity of Surfside Park as a destination for non-motorized sports

Tensile shade structures will provide shelter from the sun along the boardwalk and the park’s beach area, and integrate with a new playground and other amenities to boost the area’s reputation as a destination for non-motorized activities. In addition, funds will be provided for renovations to the Mound Depot Building, which will include exterior lighting and re-staining of existing railings. A kiosk will display historical information about the park, complementing the existing historical marker.

The building’s structural integrity is under consideration, according to a recent report. The collapse could have been caused by seismic loads from construction across the street and next door. If the building’s foundation were weak, seismic forces from the building next door could degrade its structural capacity. Also, ground settlement can add additional forces to the compromised structure.

Picnic shelter

The Picnic Shelter at Surfside Park on Commerce Boulevard Mound is a small but useful area for outdoor dining. This shelter seats approximately 80 people and has ten tables. The shelter sits adjacent to a traditional playground and horseshoe pits. Unlike the other picnic shelters in the park, this one does not have electricity or plumbing. To use the shelter, you will have to pay a fee.

The new picnic shelter will be constructed in phases. Phase two will include adjacent barbecue grills, additional seating, and pet waste stations. Dog owners will be able to exercise their dogs in the park while their owners are picnicking. The new picnic shelter will be completed once funding is secured. Its design will prioritize visibility and accessibility. Parking is another important consideration when choosing a shelter location. You will have access to restrooms and parking facilities nearby.

Trash receptacles

Trash receptacles are a welcome addition to any park. Commercial trash receptacles are located throughout Surfside Park. Unlike residential parks, commercial trash receptacles are not subject to the same sanitary requirements as residential trash receptacles. This is because commercial trash receptacles are larger and can accommodate more trash. Commercial trash receptacles, which are often shipped quickly, are also limited in style and color.

Pet waste stations

There are several benefits to using pet waste stations for your community. Many people find these convenient and easy to use. They help to reduce the amount of trash in the neighborhood, which means cleaner streets and parks. Pet waste is a major problem in neighborhoods across the country. Unfortunately, much of it ends up in waterways and pollutes the environment. To help alleviate the problem, the County has established a pet waste management initiative. Through this initiative, the county hopes to educate residents about the importance of properly disposing of pet waste.

Pet waste is a major source of pollution in urban areas. Putting it in the ground is a bad idea for several reasons. Dog waste is not good compost, as it has a high acid content. It can also leave lawns brown and brittle. Thankfully, many areas of Broomfield, Colorado have implemented pet waste stations. These are great for your neighborhood, but don’t forget to use them! These pet waste stations are a great way to prevent pet odors in your neighborhood. You Want More Interesting places?

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