What to Know about House Washing: Signs That you May Want to Hire a Pressure-washing Company for your Home or Business

Hygiene is a vital component of both home and business management. After all, a filthy exterior demonstrates not an extremely negative opinion to home visitors and potential clients for your business. Still, it will also substantially affect residents’ and employees’ morale in your building. Thus, house washing is an essential part of your domestic and commercial life, and cleaning the exterior of your building is an integral component of house washing. 

However, the monotony of daily work sometimes makes it impossible for us to properly clean your buildings’ exteriors with the efficacy and consistency that’s needed. If you’ve ever wondered how you can improve your building’s exterior cleaning, one fine suggestion is to consider hiring an external exterior cleaning company to do the cleaning for you.

Why Does Exterior Cleaning Matter?

As one aspect of house washing, Exterior cleaning matters for many reasons, ranging from the moral effect that a clean exterior has on the residents in a home or the employees in a building to the practical benefits that a clean surface provides.

Practical Benefits

Failure to regularly clean the exterior of your house or your businesses’ building will result in many practical problems that include the growth of algae, mold, and dust. Additionally, an improperly maintained exterior will also damage the building itself’s actual structure and actively contribute to a diminishing of its longevity.

Morale Benefits 

A properly cleaned house or workstation is a great morale booster for most people since no one wants to work in a dirty environment, and you would never want to work on a dirty desk. A building’s exterior has a similar psychological effect on those who reside within it. Seeing a bright, clean surface that’s been worked on creates a sort of psychological tussle in your mind which says that you need to work better and maintain a higher standard of the organization.

What are the signs that my building needs Exterior Cleaning? 

Several different signs will inform you that your building may require exterior cleaning.

  • High Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in your energy costs in the recent past, there’s a strong possibility that it could be attributed to improper cleaning. The accumulation of dirt and algae can often cause internal temperatures to fluctuate somewhat, which produces excess strain on your HVAC units that have to work hard to compensate to maintain your building’s internal temperature, which results in increased costs.


  • The presence of Spider Webs 

Spiders lay their webs in areas where there are low traffic and minimal interference from people. So, if you notice any spider webs on the exterior of your building, it’s a powerful sign that the property has not been adequately maintained in terms of its surface.

  • Discoloration of your Roof 

If you’ve ever noticed the color of your roof subtly fading over time, this is another strong indicator that your building’s exterior has been neglected. The growth of algae often causes this phenomenon.


  • A stained Driveway 

A dirty driveway is the single most significant indication that your building needs a clean on the outside. Since driveways are high-traffic areas, they should be kept clean and neat, but if your building’s driveway has mold, visible oil spills, and weeds and algae growing through cracks, it is definitive evidence that your building has been neglected.

  • Clogged Gutters

Gutters should be cleaned regularly to remove the presence of debris such as leaves and twigs. Have a look at the gutters around your building and check whether or not they look clogged. If they’re nearly full to the brim with plant material, it means that they haven’t been properly kept.



Why Should I hire a Pressure-washing Company? 

If you feel that your building requires an exterior cleaning, you may wonder why you should hire a pressure washing company instead of merely cleaning yourself? These are a few reasons you should consider an external exterior house cleaning company:

Professional Experience 

A professional cleaning company is familiar with how to clean houses and businesses effectively, so they can clean your building much more effectively than if you were to do it yourself. So, you can be confident that choosing a professional cleaning company will always provide you with a breaker

Proper Equipment

A professional exterior cleaning company will have access to vastly superior equipment than what you can buy or rent for yourselves. Due to this, a professional company will be able to clean your building than you could do yourself far more effectively. Additionally, the fact that they are trained to use their equipment means that even if you have access to the same equipment, they will still perform better.


Most professional cleaning services tend to be very affordable and don’t require massive financial investments. It is also possible to obtain exterior cleaning services for a strict budget. You don’t need to prepare a gigantic budget or expect to spend a significant portion of your income.


Professional cleaning companies can clean your building very rapidly due to their experience and training compared to what an untrained individual can accomplish. By hiring an exterior cleaning company, you can have a bright and shiny exterior to your building in a fraction of the time it would take you.

Safe Use of Abrasive Cleaners

Proper cleaning of a building’s exterior requires extensive use of abrasive cleaners, which involves a lot of skill and preparation for use. So, by hiring a professional who’s familiar with the help of strong cleaners and chemicals, you maximize the chances of their practical use and minimize the chances of any possible accidents or spills. Hence, your safety is maximized through the use of a professional service.

After reading this article, you will hopefully have developed a strong appreciation for the importance of proper exterior cleaning within the broader context of house washing, and maybe you’ve realized that hiring a professional exterior cleaning company could be the best choice for you.