self cleaning glass windows

Using a self cleaning glass window solution is a great way to protect your windows and keep them looking shiny and new. However, there are certain factors you should consider before you purchase a product.

Hydrophilic process

Using a hydrophilic process for cleaning glass windows, an even spread of water can be applied to the surface. This type of coating increases the life span of the glass. In addition, it reduces streaks and reduces the cleaning cycle.

When a hydrophilic coating is applied to the glass, it forms a thin layer that wipes away dirt and stains. It also allows the window to dry faster and avoids streaks. This type of coating can also be used on automobile windshields.

The coatings on the glass are made up of titanium dioxide. This is a hydrophilic substance that acts as a catalyst to break down organic dirt and dust. It also breaks down molecular bonds in microscopic grim. The coating is designed to last as long as the windows. However, it is not effective against paint splashes, salt deposits or other inorganic deposits.

When a droplet of water is dropped onto the glass, it tends to form a bead that sticks on the glass. It also collects dirt and other contaminants as it rolls off.

Titanium dioxide

Using titanium dioxide for self cleaning glass windows is a great way to clean your windows without having to rely on harsh chemical cleaners. Titanium dioxide is a common household chemical and it can even be found in toothpaste. It is also used as a food additive.

When light hits the coating on self cleaning glass, it breaks down dirt on the surface. This is called photo catalysis. The reaction between titanium dioxide and ultraviolet rays creates electrons that are released into the air. This causes organic dirt to break down into smaller pieces. These broken pieces are then washed away by the water.

Self cleaning glass works by having a layer of titanium dioxide coated on top of the glass. This is about ten to fifteen nanometers deep. When the right type of light strikes the titanium dioxide, it produces electrons which speed up the breakdown of organic material on the glass.

The self cleaning property of the coating is also known as the hydrophilic effect. This happens because titanium dioxide is a hydrophilic chemical. This allows it to react with water molecules in the air. In turn, the water molecules form hydroxyl radicals. These are a great way to break down organic dirt.

Pilkington Activ(tm)

Unlike a conventional glass window, Pilkington Activ(tm) is an innovative self cleaning glass window. The technology uses the natural UV light and rain to remove dirt and dust. The result is a cleaner and clearer view.

It was first introduced in 2001 and has quickly become the choice of architects, builders and homeowners alike. This type of glass has a clear and faint blue tint and a higher quality reflective finish. The coating on the glass is pyrolytic on line and is highly durable.

Pilkington Activ(tm) can be used in conjunction with Pilkington Energy Advantage to reduce noise. It also helps to reduce the need for frequent window cleaning. The coated surface has a slight reflective quality and will make it easier for you to see out of your windows when it rains.

The Pilkington Activ(tm) glass is not only easy to clean, it is also a breeze to use. Typically, a window cleaner should be applied from the top to the bottom using a soft cloth.

Viridian Renew?

Viridian Renew self cleaning glass windows is a revolutionary product that represents the next step in glass technology. It combines a unique dual action coating to break down organic dirt. The innovative coating breaks down dirt and dust during dry periods, while still producing a clearer vision than ordinary float glass.

The range of performance glass available from Viridian allows architects and designers to consider environmental and energy-efficiency considerations when designing and installing new buildings. The glass is durable and easy to store. This means it can be used in almost any exterior application.

Viridian’s EnergyTech(tm) range helps keep the home warm during the cold winter months and cooler in the summer. It also offers excellent solar control and insulation. These benefits reduce the need for artificial cooling and heat conduction. The Viridian EnergyTech(tm) range also lowers greenhouse gas emissions. It offers high daylight transmission, a deep exterior colour and superior solar control.

Viridian’s Renew self cleaning glass windows have good durability and scratch resistance. They can be laminated and curved. It is also able to be installed at vertical angles. Its innovative dual action coating provides a safe, low-cost and environmentally friendly solution.