Noerenberg Memorial Gardens

Are you thinking about visiting A Noerenberg Memorial Gardens in Orono MN? If so, then read this article to find out about the history, facilities, and location of this park. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who is just passing through, you’ll find it helpful. You can also read reviews on this park to see what other people have to say. Click here for additional info.

Noerenberg Memorial Gardens

If you love formal gardens, you’ll love the Noerenberg Memorial Gardens in Orono, Minnesota. Located on the shore of Lake Minnetonka, this beautiful garden was once the estate of the founder of the Grain Belt Brewery, Frederick Noerenberg. The gardens are considered one of Minnesota’s best, and they are home to many unique plants and flowers. They even have a paved biking/hiking trail that connects to the Minneapolis trail system and Anoka County Park.

The Three Rivers Park District in Orono is seeking seasonal Noerenberg Garden Attendants to perform customer service tasks. You’ll help keep the gardens safe and efficient and ensure that every guest receives the highest quality service. You’ll be working with other passionate volunteers who are eager to share their love of gardens and the beauty of Minnesota’s outdoors. Here are some things to know about Noerenberg Memorial Gardens.


Noerenberg Memorial Gardens is a part of the Three Rivers Park District. This beautiful garden features an array of plants, including perennials and non-native trees. Noerenberg Memorial Gardens has been rated 4.7 stars out of 5 by 170 reviewers. The gardens are always changing and have many species of native and non-native trees. In the summer, the gardens are filled with beautiful blossoms, such as the heady peony fragrance.

A small park is located near a busy intersection. The park is adjacent to the lagoons, which serve as small marinas for the residents. In the 1970s, community development block grant and park dedication funds funded improvements at the park. Playground equipment was installed at the park. Several other parks in the area have similar playground equipment. This small park is located in a densely populated southwest corner of Orono. Discover more exciting places here.


Noerenberg Memorial Gardens is an exquisite garden that was once the estate of Frederick Noerenberg, founder of the Grain Belt Brewery. Located on Lake Minnetonka, this park is one of Minnesota’s finest formal gardens and is a popular destination for weddings. It is not owned by the city of Orono, but is managed by the Three Rivers Park District.

This small park is surrounded by commercial and residential areas. The park’s beach area has a large parking lot, and the area adjacent to the lake serves as a mini marina for the area’s residents. Located near a major intersection, this park was recently renovated with playground equipment that was funded by a Community Development Block Grant. Dedicated in 1970, it is currently open to the public for free and is a wonderful place to spend a day.


The Noerenberg Memorial Garden is located on the shores of crystal bay on Lake Minnetonka. The former estate of Grain Belt Brewery founder Frederick Noerenberg is one of the most beautiful formal gardens in Minnesota. The garden features a wide variety of plants, including “Northern Lights” azaleas and an extensive daylily collection. It has also become a popular wedding venue. While not owned by the city of Orono, the gardens are operated by the Three Rivers Park District.

Noerenberg Memorial Gardens are considered one of the finest formal public gardens in Minnesota. It was donated to the park district by the estate of Frederick Noerenberg, who founded the Grain Belt Brewery. The park is open May to October and features a paved trail that connects with the city’s park system and Anoka County Park. While the gardens are free to visit, the park also has a wildlife preserve.


If you have never been to Orono, Minnesota, you really must go! The Noerenberg Memorial Gardens are located on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. These gardens are open to everyone, but children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult. If you are planning a wedding in the area, this would be the perfect venue! The gardens are located at 2865 Northshore Drive, Orono.

This small garden was once home to a wealthy brewing family. Noerenberg founded the Grain Belt Brewery and later donated his property to the Minneapolis park district. In 1993, his daughter donated the property to the park district. While his home was torn down, the geometric garden beds were retained. The landscape was remodeled in 1993, incorporating wide brick walkways and nods to the former garden.


Noerenberg Memorial Gardens is an outdoor space with a variety of delights for everyone to enjoy during all growing seasons. The gardens’ hepatica blooms in early spring are especially beautiful, and there is a colorful array of other flowers and plants in bloom during midsummer and fall. The park is open to the public during these times, and three Rivers Park District staff members are available to answer any questions visitors have.

There are informal hiking trails that can take people to nearby parks. In addition to a lakeside trail, there are also undeveloped islands such as Wild Goose Chase and Wawatasso. The Big Island is owned by the City of Orono, and its portions provide a unique opportunity to view the area’s native plants and animals. The wetlands are home to a variety of wildlife, including osprey. Click here for the next blog post.


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