The Magnetic Window Cleaner is a handy tool for cleaning the outside of your window. To use, you simply open the window and place one of the two magnets inside. As you move one magnet up and down, the other one follows. You can wash and squeegee your window with the magnetic window cleaner, either horizontally or vertically. This gadget is sturdy and comes with a plastic handle and safety rope to avoid accidental falls.


Magnetic window cleaners are a great option for cleaning windows, especially those on high-rise buildings. They can effectively clean both sides of a window and don’t need to be cleaned frequently, which makes them ideal for high-rise properties. Another benefit of these cleaners is that they can be easily operated with one hand. This also means that you can keep the tool safe without worrying about wearing it out or causing yourself injuries.

Magnetic window cleaners come with a string or ring to keep them from falling out. They have neodymium iron boron magnets, which are strong enough to clean windows with little effort. Another great feature of these window cleaners is that they come with an extra pair of sponges. Unlike regular window cleaners, they don’t have to be replaced frequently and they don’t leave any residue behind.

Magnetic window cleaners are great for windows that are harder to reach. While paper window cleaners can also be used for cleaning, they are prone to leaving marks on the windows, and these are hard to remove. Using a magnetic window cleaner also allows you to clean larger windows, and you can save time and money. Plus, you’ll have a clean, crisp view of the outside world from inside your home.

Magnetic window cleaners have many benefits, but some cons are worth knowing before using one. The main drawback of using these products is that they can be too powerful. Some people have been injured by magnets while using them. It can also be difficult to maneuver and move the magnets to clean a window. Some of them can also leave streaks on the windows, so they’re not ideal for cleaning tall windows.


A magnetic window cleaner will help you clean your windows effectively, without having to use harsh chemicals. The Keepia window cleaner has a triangular shape, a wrist safety cord, and powerful magnets. Using a dial on the handle, you can adjust the magnetic force and clean to a depth of up to 28mm. The device also comes with hanging tools and separation tools to help you easily clean each window pane.

The Keepia magnetic window cleaner works by attracting dirt and grime to the magnetic surface. It then catches and pulls away the dirt. The resulting clean surface is shiny and streak-free. You can use it to clean windows of any style, from old to contemporary. Just make sure that the solution is soapy and that the window cleaner is held in place with a safety string.

Magnetic window cleaners are available in different sizes. The smaller magnets are suitable for single-glazed windows, while the larger magnets work well for thicker, double-glazed windows. The bigger magnets are more powerful than the small ones. Moreover, they come with a safety string up to six meters long.

Using a magnetic window cleaner requires patience and time. It is not suitable for windows on higher floors, since it can pose a hazard. Also, the tool is unable to clean windows that don’t open. It is better to hire a professional window cleaner for your windows.


The Tyroler Magnetic Window Cleaner is a great way to remove dirt and grime from your windows and is a popular product on Amazon. It is available in two sizes – double-glazed and single-glazed, and it can clean windows from 2mm to 28mm thick. It is also equipped with a wrist safety cord and squeegees that can be adjusted for different pane depths.

The magnetic window cleaner is easily attached to windows and can clean both sides of the glass. It is easy to use and does not require ladders or brushes, making it a great choice for busy households. It also comes with two microfiber cloths to wipe down windows effectively. It will also leave no streaks or marks, unlike the traditional window cleaners.

Double-glazed windows require regular maintenance, and dirty windows can cause problems with condensation and misting. Tyroler magnetic window cleaners can help you prevent these problems by cleaning your windows safely without the risk of falling from a ladder or causing yourself an injury. Double-glazed windows are more expensive than single-glazed windows, but if you can’t afford the high cost of new windows, you can still maintain them using a magnetic window cleaner. It can save you up to 65% on the cost of new windows.

The Tyroler magnetic window cleaner uses rare earth magnets and a controllable magnetic force to clean windows without damaging them. It works on glass thicknesses up to eighteen millimeters. Moreover, the tool is adjustable and can reach hard-to-reach areas. The powerful magnets also remove dirt and film from windows.