What to Know about House Washing: How to make the best choice for your cleaning needs to get the best results for your project

House washing can be a very daunting task at first as depending on the size of the property in question, its current state of maintenance, and the complexity of its architecture and location, will all add to the time and effort needed to clean it properly. However, our definitive guide not to worry about making the best choice for your house washing needs. 


Unlike in the past, today, you can hire several different companies to manage all of your house washing needs at a modest expense so that you don’t have to do it yourself. There are numerous advantages to this approach that you should consider, although whether you should opt for a pressure washing company depends entirely on you.

The advantage of hiring a house washing company is that they will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to clean your building’s exterior; they will probably clean your building much effectively than you’re able, given they’re professionals. Hiring a professional means you can save you time and energy to focus on other tasks, and also, the work will be done professionally.

Some people consider the expense and privacy issues. However, the result will make you realize why other factors don’t matter much when hiring a professional for house washing. The effort, stress, time, tools, and expense will multiply if you do it yourself.

Whether you choose to hire a cleaning company, the remaining sections in this article will detail some advice that you can use either way.


When making the right choice, here are some factors that you need to consider.

High-Quality Equipment and Supplies

If you want to clean your building as quickly and effectively as possible, you should ensure that the professional company should have high-quality equipment and supplies. If the pressure washing company doesn’t offer a high-grade material, don’t consider them.

Some companies might offer lower rates, and you might feel tempted to downgrade a few levels on their low price. But we can guarantee that you will be disappointed by such companies’ outcome in the long term because the quality of cleaning solutions that they use is cheap. It is always better to choose the professionals that work with the highest quality of equipment and supplies at an affordable price. It does not necessarily mean hiring the most expensive house washing service. But it means hiring those professionals that have the best reputation for using high-end products.

Licensed and Insured

Some states require house washing companies to have a license. Affiliations and licenses show the seriousness of the house washing company. Another aspect to consider is insurance. Anything can happen while the professionals are working. When a company is insured, you won’t have any trouble for damages and injury, if any.

Positive Word of Mouth

Another way to make the best choice for your cleaning needs is to check reviews of the house washing company. Please look for positive word of mouth, references, and reviews before making your ultimate choice. The house washing service should be open to provide references when asked for client’s satisfaction. They should allow being available to provide contact numbers of the authorities for the client’s satisfaction. 


The pressure washing service you choose should be customer-friendly and the one willing to visit the site. A professional company is willing to inspect as thoroughly as needed, giving the estimated quotation. The quotation should be in writing, the details of the work, guaranteed satisfaction, terms of services, license and insurance details, etc. Remember that a manager/owner should be among the inspection team to show that your work is essential and give a quote for their services. The written quote will serve as an agreement between the house washing company and you. 

Have an Appropriate Plan

Cleaning the exterior of an entire building is indeed a very time-consuming task that requires much effort. Still, a house cleaning service with an appropriate plan will make it easy for you to understand what you are diving into. Make sure they choose the right day. Outdoor cleaning should be done on a warm and dry day as those conditions are ideal for exterior cleaning. You obviously can’t clean at all if it is raining outside. 

Make Sure they Prepare your Building

The best cleaning service will prepare your building for cleaning by closing all of the doors and windows. Ensure they seal any vents and external electrical outlets, ensure that no furniture is near the walls, and cover up any plants before they start. It is necessary as it will prevent any possible damage from being caused to these objects. Also, make sure that they spray your house with the bottom of your property and move towards the top. It is desirable since it makes it easier to prevent dirt from the top of your house’s walls from sliding to the bottom sections since it will already be wet.  

Willing to Answer Questions

Before choosing the best house washing service, make sure they are willing to answer any questions you have. They should answer your questions; they should explain their services, methods, techniques when asked. 


House washing is a delicate skill that can only be acquired through repeated practice and proper planning. Instead of stressing out and trying it your way and choosing a commercial house washing service, this is how they would do it by being methodical and practical. Consider the factors discussed above to make the best choice for your cleaning needs to get your project’s best results.