Before purchasing any product or service, what’s the first thing to do? Well, I do not know what’s your first step going to be, but most people have a habit of comparing their prices. Why? The reason is that it can help you get a better price for the same product or service. For instance, let’s assume that you need a professional deck cleaning service to clean your deck. You Google’ exterior cleaning services near me’ or ‘deck cleaning and staining companies near me’.

Afterward, you compile a list of the top companies that offer deck cleaning services. In the next step, you start calling these businesses and obtain their quotes. If you benefit from the first company that you call, you can end up overpaying. It is why one must always get quotes from different deck cleaners before finalizing. But how do you compare additional quotes? Do you just opt for the one that charges the least money, or are there any other criteria?

Well, you are in luck because we will guide you with the process of comparing different quotes.

Comparing Different Deck Cleaning Quotes

Let’s build upon our previous example – deck cleaning services. It will help us to understand better the process of comparing quotes.

Scheduling Availability

When you get a quote, ask about the wait time. For instance, when can they provide the wood deck cleaning service? One might say three working days, while the other one says that they can give it immediately. In many cases, you would need the contract cleaning company right away. Otherwise, the damage might become too severe. Depending on your circumstances, you can select between the different quotes.


Of course, one method of comparing multiple quotes is the price itself. For instance, you approach three-deck cleaners to clean your deck. The three-deck cleaners offer quotes of $100, $120, and $110, respectively. Now, you can opt for the lowest quote or the highest one. The final choice depends on your budget and personal preferences. Many people opt for the highest section because they feel that a high-priced quote means high quality. While it may be true, it is not always correct. Others might simply opt for the lowest quote.

After Service Support

Another way to compare different quotes is with the help of ‘after sales support.’ For instance, what after-sales support or services would the deck cleaners provide? Consider an example. You hired a deck cleaner, and at the time of service, it appeared to be done; however, upon closer inspections, you feel that the results are lacking. However, you failed to mention it during the final review. You call the company again, but they say that they will charge you for this visit. One can feel outraged over this decision, but it is quite common. Another company might offer a free complimentary visit once the job is completed. Apart from this, there are many other support mechanisms. It is your job to assess which company’s after-sales support is to your liking or needs.

Company Reputation

One can also compare quotes based on online reviews. In the digital era, online reviews are a good substitute for a company’s reputation or skills. If people have the right to say about a company, it will mean that their services or products are of good quality. In the case of too many negative reviews, it is best to avoid that company altogether. Hence, after getting quotes, just do a quick Google search about the company. It will help you assess the company’s reputation.

In this article, we discussed how people who are seeking professional cleaning services could compare different quotes. Like we mentioned above, there are multiple ways to reach a quote. Many people rely on pricing and company reputation as a metric to compare quotes. Others simply rely on after-service support. Lastly, we would like to mention that our quotes are the best in the town. Wash Masters offer the best rates, but we do not compromise on the quality either. Our cleaners rely on the latest tools and products to get the job done. You will never be disappointed with us.