What to Know About House Washing: How to compare multiple quotes, apples to apples

Suppose you’ve made the great decision to hire an external company to clean the exterior of your house as part of your house washing needs. In that case, it is quite simply inevitable that at one point, you will have to sit down and compare all of the quotes you’ve received from the various companies you’ve approached. This can be a complicated process for some, although it does not need to be. With this article, we intend to help you through the whole process of comparing all of the quotes that you’ve received so that you can determine which one is the best for you based on your individual needs and requirements. Learning how to compare quotes from different companies is an essential item of knowledge for house washing. 

We will achieve this by providing you the following information:

1: Lower Prices Often Translate to Fewer Cleaning Hours

Commercial cleaning services determine the price they want to charge you by estimating the number of hours it will take them to complete cleaning your house entirely. This estimate is somewhat subjective, so companies may believe that it would take only 3 hours while another may cite four as the necessary amount of time needed.

You need to question whether or not you think three or four hours would be enough time to clean your house entirely. House cleaning companies often engage in price competition, and the primary way they do this is by keeping a low estimate of cleaning times so that they charge you less and finish their jobs quicker.

However, if a company underestimates the time needed, it could result in a botched or rushed job that is not desirable for you. So, make sure that the companies you contact provide you with an estimated cleaning time that makes sense.

2. Price Indicates quality of equipment

Suppose a cleaning company has a ridiculously low quote. In that case, it is also probable that their cleaning supplies are of inferior quality, and they use less expensive equipment and possibly have less than entirely professional cleaners.

This is a problem because you want your house cleaned right, and the use of inferior supplies and equipment can be a severe impediment towards that goal. So, make sure that the companies you have a look at actually have the supplies needed to complete the job that they’re required to do effectively.

You might be tempted to think that it does not make too much of a difference in how expensive cleaning supplies are. Still, we can assure you that the use of cheap stores and inferior equipment will result in your house not being nearly as clean as it should be.

Check How Well They Pay their Employees 

Commercial Cleaning is a delicate skill that’s developed through consistent practices and proper training, so if you encounter a company that charges so little that their employees probably make minimum wage at most, you should reconsider hiring them. 

Improperly motivated employees will not clean effectively as they will lack the incentive to invest the effort needed to do a good job. You may feel that it is not your job to worry about these companies’ employees’ status. Still, the quality of remuneration they receive directly affects the quality of service they receive. 

Disgruntled and unsatisfied workers will simply not provide you with the quality of service you need to justify reaching a commercial cleaning company. 

4. The Cost of Supervision and Quality Control

The quote that a professional cleaning service provides covers the labor costs of cleaning your house and possibly material costs in procuring equipment. It also reflects the amount that it costs to supervise cleaners and oversee the effectiveness of their work. 

 Any suitable cleaning company will maintain a staff of professional supervisors who will ensure that the quality of work that the cleaners perform is of a certain standard. If you find that any cleaning company has provided you a quote that appears to be too low, ask them whether or not they have any overseers in place. If the answer is ‘no,’ you should probably consider a different house cleaning company as an absence of oversight would imply an inferior service quality. 

 5. Determine Whether or Not the Company performs Subcontracting.

Some house cleaning companies will partner with janitorial companies and outsource the entire cleaning process to them instead of providing cleaners. This practice makes much sense from a business perspective. Still, it is not very desirable for you from a consumer’s perspective as it means the company you hire may not be able to guarantee a proper standard of quality. 

So, ask the companies you’re in contact with about whom the people doing the actual cleaning will be. If you find that a company outsources all of the labor for cleaning to another janitorial company, inquire as much about the company that’s being subcontracted to. 

Suppose a subcontracted company has a strong reputation for providing a high quality of service. In that case, it may not be a wrong decision to hire them, but if it is a relatively unknown company, it could be better not to hire them. 


Lower prices may be extremely tempting, but you should know that they often translate into lower quality as well. And, for a service that is as intimate as house washing, you will not want to skimp out on quality just to pay less.

So, you should speak with all of the companies that you’ve received quotes from and try to figure out which one offers the most quality within your budget. You want a company that not only provides a reasonable quote but also pays its employees well enough that they’re motivated, has an effective system of quality check to ensure the quality of their service, uses high-value equipment and materials. You should know about the actual people doing the cleaning itself, whether or not they are subcontracted.