homemade window cleaner recipe

If you need to clean your windows on a regular basis, you might want to consider using a homemade window cleaner recipe. This way you can make sure you’re cleaning your windows efficiently and effectively. It’s also much more affordable than buying an expensive window cleaner. Plus, it’s a great way to get a lot of windows cleaned at once.

Lemon juice

Making a homemade window cleaner can save you money and help the planet. You can use lemon juice, vinegar, and dish detergent to create a safe, all natural cleaner for your windows and glass.

This cleaner works by dissolving grease and dirt, which makes it ideal for windows. The juice of a lemon is naturally acidic, so it can easily break down grime. It also contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which lifts oily residue and particles.

Lemon juice is not a disinfectant, but it does have a fresh scent. Some people use lemon peels to sharpen their garbage disposal. Other uses include adding lemon slices to a bowl of water for a natural air freshener.

Another benefit of lemon juice is its ability to deter insects. Its rind is also an effective kitchen drain cleaner.


If you want to clean your windows without using any harsh chemicals, you should consider making your own vinegar window cleaner. You can use the mixture to wipe away dirt and dust and make your windows look great. And best of all, the mixture is all you need.

The basic ingredients are white vinegar and water. But you can add a few other things to give the solution more power. For example, you can add a little rubbing alcohol to help the mixture evaporate faster. This helps cut through grime, grease, and other difficult-to-remove spots. It also can provide a fresh scent.

Another advantage to this homemade cleaner is that you can easily store leftovers in an empty laundry detergent jug. So, if you have a lot of windows to clean, you don’t have to worry about buying a lot of expensive window cleaner.

Rubbing alcohol

If you want to clean your windows without using harmful chemicals, you can make your own window cleaner. You can use rubbing alcohol and other household ingredients to create a streak-free solution that will save you money. Plus, you can adjust the recipe to your personal tastes.

Rubbing alcohol is one of the most common ingredients in homemade window cleaner. It’s also a powerful disinfectant. It helps kill bacteria, viruses, and sticky fingerprints left by children. However, it’s important to remember that it’s highly flammable, so store it out of reach of children.

Other ingredients you may wish to include in your homemade glass cleaner are vinegar and dish soap. These are natural disinfectants that won’t harm the environment or your family. They can also help break down grime on the glass without causing damage to the surface.

Citrus essential oil

If you’ve got a lot of windows to clean, you might want to try making your own glass cleaner. It’s easy and doesn’t require fancy tools or chemicals. In fact, it’s also safe. Plus, it’s the best homemade window cleaner around.

Using a glass cleaner that contains essential oils is just one type of home made cleaning product. Some other ideas include mixing vinegar with a little dish detergent. You can also add some essential oils to a spray bottle.

The best thing about this type of cleaner is that it doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals. Plus, it has a nice smell. And, it’s cheaper than buying a bottle of commercial window cleaner.

Of course, it can’t compare to using true sanitizers. However, the ingredients in this home made version will certainly leave you feeling better.

Cleaning the outside of your windows

Cleaning the outside of your windows with homemade window cleaner is a great way to keep them clean and looking their best. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. There are a variety of options to choose from. These include homemade and commercial products.

The first step in cleaning the outside of your windows is to remove all debris from the window. A dry rag can be used to wipe away any dirt. Newspaper can be used to dry the glass.

A good squeegee is also a great tool to use when washing the exterior of your windows. You should also have a lint-free cloth on hand to remove any residue.

In addition to using a squeegee, you can also use a sponge to clean the exterior of your windows. Sponges made of natural materials work better in the corners than synthetic ones.