This is an informational article and by no means meant to serve as, or substitute, professional training. This information is targeted towards those individuals seeking to have some time baseline gutter cleaning tips. Cleaning gutters can be done in perfection but it takes a bit of practice, some tools, but most importantly, always best to be done by the professionals

Step 1) Tools:
Like all tasks that require manual labor, you need appropriate tools to clean gutters as well.

  • Ladder: Of course you need a ladder to reach the height of your roof. Make sure to check that the ladder is safe, outfitted with stabilizers, leg levelers, and you’ve taken the time to read the manufactures’ owner’s manual
  • Gear: In the gear department, you need heavy gloves that can do the job without getting wet. Secondly, you need shoes that are rugged and don’t slip easily.
  • A few buckets: Depending on the size and cleaning your gutter needs. You require a few plastic buckets that can be held easily in your hand while you’re climbing the ladder.
  • Trowel: One needs a trowel to dig in the debris, the tool is also used to clear out clogged gutters.
  • Scoop: Another tool that can be really helpful is a gutter scoop. Through a gutter scoop it is easier to take out the debris.

Step 2) Cleaning from the Roof:
The next gutter cleaning tip involves cleaning the gutters from the roof.  First and most important is an inspection of the roof and use of a appropriate fall arrest system. Not all roofs are suitable to be walked but people without adequate experience.  It’s not just the gutters that are needed to be cleaned. Rather, a roof should be cleaned first because there are chances that debris substances can be found on it. Leaves, twigs and pests if any should be cleared before you actually address the gutters.

Step 3) Be Alert:
Always stay alert!  Anytime you are working at heights or in areas above grade, be sure to exercise caution and remain diligent to safety practices.

Step 4) Locate a Downspout:
A downspout is the perfect place to initiate the cleaning process. Downspouts normally do clog out and require cleaning in the first place. Make sure to have your bucket with you along with the trowel. By using a trowel remove the clogged debris and put it inside the bucket. Also, be careful while you’re around the hangers as they cannot bear a lot of weight.

Step 5) Slime Eradication:
Ever noticed why clogged gutters tend to be so sticky? Well, this is where you need to put in your effort as cleaning slime can be an arduous task. It is advised to use slime eradication products to completely remove slime.

Step 5) Final Touches:
The final gutter cleaning tips comprises of a flush which can be achieved through a garden hose. Just plug it in inside your gutter and let it run for 10-15 minutes. It should get the job done!

Of course, at any point you no longer feel comfortable with the project, please call Wash Masters and let us take it from there 612-770-8221