Enjoy Lake Minnewashta Regional Park

Enjoy Lake Minnewashta Regional Park

If you’re looking for an easy, fun way to spend a day in the sun, Lake Minnewashta Regional Park is a great choice. There are lots of fun activities and amenities to enjoy, including a dog park and a fishing pier. You can also find volleyball courts and a boat dock. There are also several picnic tables and a dog run, so you can enjoy a day at the park with your family or friends. Read More About This!

Fishing pier

If you’re looking for a nice, scenic spot to go fishing, look no further than the fishing pier at Lake Minnewashta. Located on a point just west of the beach area, the pier offers a great view of Lake Minnewashta. Nearby, you can find a Little Free Library, which is open on an honor system. Aside from fishing, the park also features hiking and biking trails.

The lake itself is surrounded by green zones, including a sandy shoreline. Guests can enjoy the serene environment as they sit on the pier, meditate, or simply admire the beautiful scenery. Whether you want to enjoy the lake’s scenery, have a picnic, or just lay around and watch the world go by, there’s something for everyone at Lake Fishing Pier. There’s even music that’s perfect for a romantic evening with your partner.

Dog park

If you love your dog and want to spend the day with your dog in a beautiful setting, try the dog run at Lakeside Park. This park offers several amenities, including a playground, volleyball courts, boat docks, and picnic tables. Your dog will love exploring the dog run and enjoying the park’s many amenities. While your pup is having fun, you and your pooch will be getting plenty of exercise, too. Refer to This Article for More Information!

The off-leash area at Lake Minnewashta Regional Park has been suffering from sanitary problems, and officials have threatened to close it down for good. This is a concern for dog owners who love to spend time in nature with their pet. In order to keep the park clean, owners must clean up their pet’s waste and dispose of it in a proper manner. A county clean-up day is scheduled for Feb. 8 and 9, but participants should bring their own tools to help out. County staff warn that this weekend’s expected snow will make cleanup harder.


The Lake Minnewashta Regional Park is a development park located on the lakeshore. Facilities include a swimming beach, a bathhouse, paved bike trails, a creative playground, and a concession stand. Visitors can also take a stroll on the lakeshore, or even paddle a canoe or kayak to view the fish. If you prefer to stay on land, the Park also has a golf course, tennis courts, and a batting cage.

The library at Lake Minnewashta Regional Park serves the community in a variety of ways. Its name is derived from Dakota words meaning “water good,” and it includes a beach, playground, biking trails, and hiking trails. Visitors can take a dip in the lake during fall and winter months. This park has no vehicle permit requirements, and lifeguards are on duty every day of the week during the summer.


The name of the Beach at Lake Minnewashta Regional park comes from Dakota words meaning “good water”. It is a 340-acre park that is maintained by Carver County and has everything you could want in a family friendly destination. The park’s amenities include a family friendly beach, fun playground, and hiking and biking trails. In the fall, the park has fall foliage to admire and fun activities to do in the winter. The park also has no vehicle permits required and lifeguards on duty every day.

Visitors can enjoy the beautiful views of the lake from the beach and picnic area located above. There is a concession stand where you can purchase snacks. Adirondack chairs are available for resting and enjoying the beautiful view. This park also offers volleyball courts and a playground. Despite its small size, Lake Minnewashta Regional Park is a great place to spend a day. The park is also a great place for a family picnic. Next blog post!

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