outside window washing solution

If you’re looking for an easy way to clean your windows, you should try using a vinegar and water solution. The solution is especially useful if you have screens. Simply spray it on the screens and scrub with a microfiber cloth or soft scrub brush. You can also use an equal mixture of vinegar and dish soap to scrub stubborn spots. Once the window screens are clean, let them dry completely before reinstalling them. Repeat the cleaning process if necessary.


The process of cleaning outside windows can be made easier by using a solution that contains equal parts of water and vinegar. Most windows will benefit from this solution. If your windows are very dirty, you can add a small amount of dish detergent to the mixture. The solution should be used in a spray bottle so that it does not spill on the glass. Then, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the windows from left to right in even rows. If streaks are left, wipe them with a clean cloth.

You can also use a mixture of soap and vinegar to clean exterior windows. This is the strongest solution, so it is best for larger windows and upper-level windows. You can also use a bucket full of the mixture to clean a large area more quickly. When you’re finished cleaning your windows, rinse them off with a hose that has a sprayer attachment.

Micro-fiber cloths

One of the best ways to clean outside windows is by using micro-fiber cloths. These cloths trap dust and produce streak-free shine. Whether you’re washing your house or office, exterior windows can be prone to debris, dirt, and insects. Instead of using paper towels or rags, use a micro-fiber cloth to ensure the best results.

Micro-fiber cloths have a unique construction that makes them very useful for cleaning windows and glass. The fabric is usually composed of tiny strands of fibers that are less than one denier in diameter. Most of these fabrics are polyester or polyamide.

Swiffer mops

Swiffer mops for outside window cleaning can be a great way to get the job done, especially if you have tall windows. These mops are made to reach high windows and are ideal for cleaning the scuffs that are hard to reach with a traditional rag and water combination. You can even use a sponge mop to clean the trim on the windows.

Swiffer mops for outside window cleaning are lightweight, allowing you to get in difficult to reach places. The mop head can swivel to clean the window area. While most floor mops have flat heads, these swivel so you can clean the window in a more efficient S-shape. Before purchasing a Swiffer mop, measure how far you need to reach your windows.


There are several benefits to using squeegees for outside window washing. First, they can help get rid of streaks. Using them can also make cleaning windows easier. For the best results, you should wet the squeegee before using it.

Before squeegeeing, you should hold the squeegee handle with your right hand. Use your thumb halfway between the top and bottom edges of the handle. This position will help you hold the squeegee in the right spot. Moreover, you can always keep a clean towel in your pocket to wipe away excess water from the squeegee’s blade.

Squeegees can come in a variety of sizes and designs. You can find a tiny one for cleaning a shower window, or a long one for tall windows. The best ones will make a seal against the window and remove water with each stroke. You can also find a two-in-one model, which can be convenient if you have a lot of windows to clean.

Robot window cleaner

A Robot window cleaner outside window washing solution can help you clean your windows without having to go up and down ladders. They can clean the exterior side of your windows and can attach to extendable poles used by painters. Some of these extendable poles have a hook at the end that can be used to attach the robot to the window.

Robotic window cleaners work by spraying cleaner onto the windows. Some have a water tank that automatically squirts the solution on your windows. They can be connected to a Bluetooth App so that you can track their progress and get notifications when they’re finished.