diy outdoor window cleaner

Whether you are going to be cleaning your windows for a party or you simply need to make your house look better, there are a few easy ways to clean your windows. You can use a simple dish soap and water or even a corn starch and vinegar mixture.

Dish soap

Using a Dawn dish soap and vinegar cleaner can help you achieve a clear, streak-free finish to your windows. Dawn is a popular product that is available in a variety of scents and strengths. Using this combination can also help with squeaky doors.

Dawn dish soap and vinegar cleaner can be used on both inside and outside windows. It is effective at removing tough dirt and stains. It also has a gentle scent that is pleasant to the eyes.

For an extra boost of cleaning power, use warm water. You can also add Jet Dry rinse aid to your bucket of water. This will help to rinse away the solution and leave your windows clear and streak-free.

You can also use a squeegee to wipe off your window cleaning solution. This will help to prevent streaks and will allow you to cover a larger area faster.


Using vinegar as an outdoor window cleaner is a simple and inexpensive way to make windows sparkle. It can help remove dirt and moisture from windows, as well as cleaning and polishing wood furniture. Vinegar can also be used to clean car windows.

Vinegar is an inexpensive and easy to find cleaning agent that is safe to use around children and pets. It has an odor that is easy to mask by adding essential oils. It is also non-toxic and safe to use around people with allergies.

For smaller windows, a simple vinegar solution is enough to clean them. For larger windows, you’ll need a more concentrated formula. Adding soap can help cut through grease and other stuck-on materials. A microfiber cloth can also be used to wipe down windows after using the cleaner.

Corn starch

Using corn starch as an outdoor window cleaner is no rocket science. Its a good idea to use a quality window cleaning solution, but not every solution is created equal. It is best to choose a solution that uses ingredients that are sanitized and safe for use on windows. If you use an unapproved window cleaning solution, you could end up harming your home’s interior.

If you’re looking for the best outdoor window cleaner, there are a few commercially available options. However, you can also find some effective homemade alternatives. For instance, corn starch is an inexpensive and effective substitute for expensive commercial window cleaning products. For a similar effect, you can try using a combination of baking soda and lemon juice.

A more sophisticated method of cleaning your windows involves using a combination of cornstarch, rubbing alcohol and water. Using this mix in combination with a little elbow grease, you’ll be able to give your windows a streak free shine. If you’re going to do this, make sure you have a large enough container to store the solution, or else you’ll have to rinse your windows over and over again.

Rubbing alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol as an outdoor window cleaner can be a great way to keep your windows clean and streak free. Compared to traditional glass cleaners, rubbing alcohol is safer and more effective. This cleaner is a good option for any size window.

When cleaning your windows, you’ll need a brush, a sponge, and a squeegee. In addition, you’ll need to apply a window cleaning solution. The solution can be purchased at a local hardware store or made at home. The solution will contain rubbing alcohol and dish soap. You can also use ammonia as a cheaper alternative.

Using a squeegee can help to concentrate the dirt on one side of the window. Then, you’ll want to wipe the solution off the window with a lint-free cloth.

Cleaning a window with a squeegee

Using a squeegee is a good way to clean windows. It is easy and fast. But it can leave streaks if you don’t use a lint-free rag after each use.

You can use an extension pole to clean windows that are too high for a squeegee. You can also use a soft-bristled counter brush to scrub dirt and cobwebs. If you’re cleaning a multipane window, you should use a sponge.

Using a squeegee to clean windows is also a good way to remove water marks on glass. However, be sure to use a high-quality microfiber cloth. It can absorb six times its weight in water, which will help dry your windows quickly.

To clean a window, you should start at the top and work your way down. This will help ensure that your window is streak-free.