Bederwood Park on Stubbs Bay is Being Threatened With Development

Bederwood Park on Stubbs Bay is Being Threatened With Development

The small parcel of woods in Bederwood Park on Stubbs Bay is being threatened with development. It is currently home to a mountain bike trail, which opponents fear will destroy wildlife and cause extensive damage to the woods. The upcoming trail would be the first of its kind in the area, and the project has sparked several lawsuits against the DNR. Regardless, residents are concerned that their favorite park will be ruined. Visit This Link for more Info!

Mountain bike trail

You can explore the mountain bike trails in Bederwood Park, Minnesota, by mountain bike. The trails range in difficulty, from easy to difficult. You can choose from the single-track or the multi-track, and you’ll find a mountain bike trail to suit your level of experience. The park also has several mountain bike trails that are not open to the public, and there are signs in place to let you know when they’re closed.

But before you sign a permit for a mountain bike trail in Bederwood Park, be sure to check out the lawsuit against the city. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are the state Department of Natural Resources, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, and the city of Orono. The suit was dismissed due to lack of merit, but it remains to be seen whether the bike trail will be allowed to stay.

Orono High School mountain biking team

In August, the Orono High School mountain biking team won its first state championship on the new bike trail at Bederwood Park. The team’s efforts to gain national recognition helped propel the school into the top five in the state. But now, the team faces a legal battle against the bike trail. The lawsuit was filed by the Orono High School mountain biking team, along with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. Although the school was never served with a lawsuit, Orono City Council members dismissed the lawsuit as lacking merit. A fantastic read!

Lawsuit against DNR

Barbara Schmidt is suing the Minnesota DNR over a mountain biking trail in her local woods. She loves nature, and named the trees in the woods near her home. Schmidt fears that the bike trail will destroy a small piece of woods in Bederwood Park, on Stubbs Bay. The mountain bikes and knobby tires will damage the trees, as well as the wildlife. She wants the bike trails removed.

According to Schmidt’s filing, she was denied the chance to testify at a trial over the bike trail, citing immunity under the New Jersey Advance Directive for Healthcare Act. That law protects health care providers from liability, including civil and criminal liability. Despite the DNR’s disclaimer, Schmidt’s lawsuit is still ongoing. She has not yet served the school district with a copy of her lawsuit.

Sports field project in Bederwood Park

The Orono City Council has approved the Sports Field project in Bederwood Park. The project will provide a new turf sports field, a paved parking lot, and a new irrigation system. The bids for the project are $322,782 and Bolton and Menk submitted $39,000 for construction oversight. The project is partially funded by a $136,275 grant from the Hennepin County Youth Sports Program. The remaining $278,007 will come from the parks fund.

The Town has allocated $6 million for the Athletic Fields Improvement Project. The project is estimated to cost $6 million, and the bond issue passed by voters in a public referendum in September 2014. This funding will cost the average home assessed at $272,500 approximately $47 a year for 15 years. It is not known if the Town will be able to complete the project on time. The City will be happy to know that the community has put forth the money to make the project a reality. Up next is Hackberry Park!

Driving Direction from Wash Master to Bederwood Park

Driving Direction from Bederwood Park to Hackberry Park