Arnold Klaers Baseball Fields 

Whether you’re looking for a great baseball field in Hennepin County or a family fun-filled park, you’ll find it at Arnold Klaers Ballpark. From the Concessions to the restrooms, you’ll find it all here. Learn more about this Loretto gem. If you’re interested in baseball, or if you’d like to learn more about the Loretto area, this article is for you!

Arnold Klaers Baseball Field

When you need a great place to watch a Minnesota Twins game, try visiting Arnold Klaers Baseball Fields Loretton MN. This local park is located near the nearby Harry Smith Field and Billy Koch Field. You’ll be delighted by all the fun it will provide for all ages. The baseball field features a stellar playing surface, electronic scoreboard, and restroom facilities. Learn more!


In addition to the beautiful Loretto parks, Arnold Klaers Baseball Fields is home to an electronic scoreboard, restrooms, and a spectacular baseball field. Loretto is an expanding community in the Twin Cities metro area. Its population is 652 and its quaint downtown is full of great restaurants and businesses. If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend your next baseball game, Loretto is the place to be.

The baseball field itself is located on County Road 19 in Loretto, Minnesota. It’s close to Billy Koch Field and Harry Smith Field. For the most part, these fields are free to attend. However, you should check the weather before making a reservation. The weather may vary based on the time of year, and weather conditions. Regardless of when you’re planning to visit, you’ll find a variety of activities for everyone.


The Arnold Klaers Baseball Fields in Loretto, Minnesota, is a great place to take the family to watch a baseball game. The grounds feature three baseball/softball fields with concession stands and restrooms. If you are looking for a good baseball field with great seating, the Loretto Larks have a stellar one. Guests can enjoy a game with their family at the Loretto Larks while they enjoy the concessions at the Arnold Klaers baseball fields. Discover More about Orono, MN here.


The Loretto Ballfields/Athletic Complex features three baseball/softball fields, restrooms, and concessions. The Arnold Klaers Baseball Field provides a stellar baseball field with an electronic scoreboard and restrooms. Other public parks include the Loretto Lions Park with a playground, restrooms, and an ice rink in the winter.

The restrooms are a welcome feature for fans attending an event at this ballpark. The Arnold Klaers Field restrooms are easily accessible, and many fans choose to use them while watching a game. The restrooms are located near the stadium, which is situated nearby Harry Smith Field and Billy Koch Field. For the more seasoned ball fan, there are also handicapped-accessible restrooms.

Ice rink

The town of Loretto, Minnesota, sits on the western edge of Hennepin County and is a quarter-mile square. Besides ice skating and other winter recreational activities, the town has five parks, including the Arnold Klaers Baseball Fields, which boast a stellar baseball field with an electronic scoreboard and restrooms. The Loretto Lions Park includes a playground, restrooms, and an ice rink.

Located adjacent to the fields, the ice rink is a great place to watch young players and watch them develop their skills. Players of the local team have familiar last names, including Luke Steinbach and Ryan Tapani, who both played for the Loretto baseball team in 2010.

Nearby parks

Visitors to the Nearby Parks of Arnold Klaers Baseball Fields Loreto MN can experience several recreational activities. The city is home to five public parks. The Loretto Ballfields/Athletic Complex includes three baseball/softball fields, restrooms, concessions, and an electronic scoreboard. The nearby parks of Loretto Lions Park and Billy Koch Field offer children’s play areas and a covered picnic shelter. In addition to baseball games, the parks also feature an ice rink in the winter.

The nearby town of Loretto is located 15 minutes west of the 494 loop in Hennepin County. The community is a quarter-mile square and home to a population of six hundred and fifty-two residents. The city boasts beautiful parks, four playgrounds, and a bustling downtown. Visitors are sure to enjoy the nearby restaurants, shops, and cultural centers. Up next is Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.


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