We’ll go straight ahead and tell you that algae are the less threatening wannabe cousins of mold and dirt. It is true even though almost all of these look pitch black on the surface. Although all of these are very much prevalent and can creep up behind your windows, nearby gutters, or inside the hardscape of your home or office.

While algae may be harmless if we are relatively speaking, its big brother called mold is bad news and can wreak havoc on the house. It is not very healthy as you could have imagined by its characteristics and the name we had mentioned earlier. But the good news is that all of these no what kind or what size are in essence very much treatable. And here, we are going to discuss which one is substantially worse in the long term.

As mentioned before, the mold is more dangerous, as it is more difficult to remove and very dangerous. We bet that you did not see it coming that something like dirt can be considered hazardous. The presence of mold means that there is a deeper issue with your home. On the other hand, algae is a plant growth that enjoys life and sunlight wherever it goes. They have one similarity, though, which is that they both are living organisms. Both of these can be treated safely by professional cleaning services in a single day!

More on Algae:

Algae is a pesky and moss-like substance that appears on your roof because of airborne spores. They do mean harm to your home, your family, or yourself.  They are just plant growth stemming from a humid atmosphere. You can tell that it is an algae growth if it is not intruding inside the walls of your home.

Having it does not mean you should leave it as it is. It is because it can still grow, and it will look dirty and mess to have black-greenish substance on the roof of the home. It can seriously damage your home’s or office’s curb appeal, and you do not want that.

More on Mold: 

It is not nearly universal as algae, but once it does arrive, it can be very much toxic to the occupants of the afflicted building. It can cause irritated eyes, lung problems, asthma, and throat to headaches. It is why it is vital to deal with it. It usually arrives or originates from the damp conditions of the poorly ventilated attics and basements. They can, from there onwards spread to the roof.

For this reason, it is an excellent idea to inspect your attics and basements at least once every year to find that it is not brewing right under the noses.

What to do?

If you find either of these, it is crucial to remove them as soon as possible. The easiest way is to prevent them. Regular house washing and professional cleaning services can prevent from happening. In the case they do occur, they get some fully trained experts in cleaning to do their jobs on these types of problems.