I’d imagine that when you think of essential window cleaning tools, your first thoughts go to squeegees and scrubbers (T-Bars).  This is true, to a degree.  However equally as important are the array of towels needed.  Depending on who you’re talking to, you will get a different top five list.  Although, within every list you’ll absolutely see two towels as a common – Huck & Microfiber.


These towels can be called by a few different names, however, for simplicity I’m going to call them Hucks. These towels are an absolute standard for window cleaners as they are durable low-lint. although, their origin was far from that use.  These cotton towels were invented, and still used presently, for wiping down surgical instruments after sterilization. In the window cleaning trade, these are commonly used for wiping away any remaining water from the glass corners and edges after they’ve been cleaned with the squeegee.  What makes them especially good for window cleaners is they can be used on glass and won’t leave any lint behind.  These towels can be purchases from many sources online.  We’ve found the best so far to be raglady.com.


These towels are fairly common and can be found in just about every store cleaning supply section. What makes microfiber towels so great is that they are incredibly versatile – scrubbing, wiping, dusting.  Because of their lack of absorbency, these work best as a dry towel.  In the window cleaning trade, they are excellent for final touch-ups.  After the windows have been cleaned and water drips wiped away, a microfiber can be used to buff-out any remaining spots and streaks on the glass.  As I mentioned earlier, you can buy these in several places, although the quality will vary significantly.  For a quality microfiber, check-out raglady.com.

We’ve found the Huck and Microfiber towel to be the ideal choice for window cleaning, but think it’s worth noting, they are also great for your cleaning tasks around the home and office.  For best results, when washing and drying your towels, skip the fabric softener.  This will prevent lint build-up and preserve the life of your towels. ​