Our homes are an important part of our lives and one of the largest investments we will ever make, and therefore, we should take care of it.  Whether you are selling your home or not, the following are suggestions related to increasing your home value and sprucing up your curb appeal. If you are interested in selling it and want to invest in things that increase your home value, you’ll have to take care of the basics in home maintenance. This shows you are a responsible homeowner and makes your home stand-out from the crowd.  Basic home maintenance is critical to your homes curb appeal and longevity. Here we are going to discuss the main ways you can instantly create more value in your house and make it a desirable place to live:

     1. Pressure Washing your hardscapes and walkways:
First impressions are everything! And, the first impression for a guest or prospective buyer is instantly determined at the main entry point of your home. These entry points are usually decorated with hardscapes and walkways. A prospective buyer is going to make bad judgments if your hardscapes and walkways are filthy with mud or dirt. What you can do is get a professional cleaning service who will pressure wash your cement and paver patios and walkways, decks and retaining walls for a better overall outlook of the house. Pressure Washing is a process of cleaning with an appropriate amount of water pressure to safely remove dirt, grime and plant growth from your hard surfaces.

2. Soft Washing your exterior siding:
As important are the hardscapes and walkways in determining the first impression of your home, so is the homes siding and entryways themselves. If your front door and roof eves are riddled in cobwebs, and nature has begun to take over your siding, it’s time for an exterior Soft Wash.  Cleaning the outside of your homes siding can be a big job and using a pressure washer can cause major damage to your homes siding and windows. This is a job best left to a soft washing pro with the right equipment to get the job done safely. Soft Washing is a process of using bio-degradable detergents with high volume water at a low pressure to safely and completely transform the look of your home. The results are unbelievable!   

3. Gutter Cleaning:
In Minnesota we get snow, rain and forms of precipitation accumulating on our roofs when we aren’t looking. In order to properly drain these materials, we have our gutters to collect and channel the water away from our houses. Gutters can get clogged for various reasons, including shingle debris and leaf build-up, leading to inadequate drainage, along with unsightly drip marks or worse, water damage to your roof or siding of your home.  When selling your home, a prospective buyer will get a look around the house for an approximate value. So if your roof and gutter are looking bad, then it’s trouble for the value of your home. Keep them clean by checking them yourself or with the help from a gutter cleaning service, every spring and fall.

4. Window Washing:
Window Washing is inherently one of the most satisfying and desirable jobs on the to-do list for increasing the value of your house. The windows give you the first glimpse inside the home, so it’s no surprise that the windows are one of the first things of the house many people notice. Dirty windows can therefore, affect the value of your home negatively. You can keep your windows looking flawless, by washing the glass regularly, wiping down window frames and brushing out tracks and sills.

5. Always make some small improvements all over the home:
Value can also be dependent on the small improvements that you can make overtime.  Small improvements should be made in and around the house consistently.  This can include things like decluttering living spaces and storage areas, refurbishing your bathroom with more style or making necessary repairs – such as reinforcing a wiggly deck railing. Doing the whole home at the same time can be stressful, with a long list of responsibilities and little time to accomplish them, so try and do one room or space at a time and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a professional.