Some time ago, a research study was enacted at Portland State University about the curb appeal of businesses. They found that when the windows of a business are clean, it positively impacts the sales of that specific business. If you are wondering how commercial window cleaning can increase the curb appeal of your businesses as well as your company’s bottom line, here we’ve conveniently laid out some of the ways using a commercial window cleaning service can help your business.

Professionally clean windows let you display your merchandise or a restaurant’s ambiance properly:
Dirty windows can cast a dark cloud on your business. Foot traffic is heavy relied upon by retail stores as well as restaurants and other service based businesses. If the incoming foot traffic sees that your business’s windows are not cleaned, they will think that your business does not take care of itself.

Commercially cleaned windows help motivate your workers:
Commercially cleaned means professionally cleaned, which in turn means that the windows are going to be cleaned properly and with great care. If the windows are cleaned properly there will be no algae or germ build-up, and therefore there will be a healthy environment for your workers. They will think that the boss takes care of them and, therefore, be more productive. There will be less sick days, as the workplace will be healthier itself. Workers will be in a better mood due to the increased cleanliness and better-enhanced environment. Professionally cleaned windows would let proper amounts of sunshine and scenery inside in the workplace to keep the workers immersed with the outside world and feeling less claustrophobic.

Professionally cleaned windows reflect your own professionalism:
Even if you are selling services (e.g. a bank), dirty windows are going to keep your customers walking. Dirty windows are a sign to customers that this service is not professional enough to have clean windows. Therefore, they will think about how this service is going to not take care of them, their time or their money properly.

More customer spending stems from a better business environment
Professionally cleaned windows bring a better business environment. While professionally cleaned windows also look good from the outside, they can also help increase your big bucks. When a customer is inside of a clean store, which includes the clean windows, then the customer is likely to be in a good mood. A study done on people in stores with good mood found that they are more likely to stay longer and spend more time and money in the store when in good mood.

Final Words:
As you can see professional and commercial window cleaning can have a big impact on your business value. For your own commercial window cleaning needs, call Wash Masters LLC, the number one leader in customer service and clean windows. We have very well trained, professional and courteous technicians, serving the Western Suburbs and the greater area of Minneapolis, MN. Feel free to contact us and get a free quote to increase the value of your own business today!