I suspect, when you think about cleaning your windows or hiring a window cleaner, it is your glass you want cleaned…right?  Well of course it is!  But, cleaning the glass isn’t the only thing that is important and should not be where you stop.   The following is a list of the 3 most neglected parts of your window:

​1. Window Screens
Cleaning your window screens may come as obvious, although at least once a day, we’ll come to a home where the window screens have NEVER been cleaned or dusted.  

We would suggest that you have your window screens cleaned at least once a year – spring or the fall.  If you’re the DIY type and clean your screens regularly, picking up a handy cobweb duster will do the trick and shorten the task. If they need a little extra cleaning, they should be scrubbed and rinsed.  ‘Psst‘, did you know Wash Masters’ In & Out Package includes free screen washing.

2. Window Tracks & Sill
Whether you have casement windows that crank out or double hung windows that slide up, debris, dirt, and critters will find a way to collect in these spaces.  With the seasonal temperature changes of the year, this nastiness will eventually take a toll on the window causing rotting, staining and even mold.  Once a year, or at the very least, every other year, take the time to brush and vacuum them out.  Use a low cost track brush to loosen the junk and then vacuum it out.   This can be time consuming so hiring a pro will save your weekend and also extend the life of your windows.

3. Window Frames & Sashes
 Since the window frame is what comes in contact with the track and sill, cleaning it is an extension of the #2 item on this list.  If you’re not familiar with all the components of a window, the sash is what holds the window pane in place within the window frame.  In every case, if the window frame is in poor condition, so is the sash, and likely it’s affecting the performance of the glass pane. If not maintained, seals will brake, resulting in wasted energy expenses and permanently fogged over glass, and frames will rot, causing entire glass panes to drop from the window when opened.    

Just as I’m sure you’ve been told and sometimes painfully reminded of, little problems become big problems.  So,  addressing and preventing these little problems will save you thousands in big problem costs.