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Wash Masters LLC Terms And Conditions


Wash Masters LLC, as an independent contractor, hereby agrees to provide professional cleaning services in coordination with the on-site personnel of the client. The client shall grant Wash Masters LLC access to the property and its surroundings during regular business hours and other mutually agreeable times. The client agrees to allow Wash Masters LLC the use of indoor and outdoor water spigots. The client ensures that water spigots are in good working condition and free of heavy minerals and rust/iron deposits, furthermore, all items to be cleaned are structurally sound prior to cleaning and all items are able to withstand the cleaning service. The client agrees to close windows and doors prior to Wash Masters LLC arrival and the client ensures the property is free from leaks. The client acknowledges their responsibility to protect and move all sensitive items, furniture and décor from the areas being serviced, and, if any item(s) is left in the area being serviced, Wash Masters LLC will act with care but is not responsible for any damages that may be caused. Wash Masters LLC can refuse service or partial service for any reason including, but not limited to, in the case of inaccessible areas and safety hazards.


The client agrees to allow Wash Masters LLC to utilize any photos, descriptions, reviews, quotes, or videos of the property and/or the client in marketing and advertising for Wash Masters LLC. The client acknowledges and agrees that Wash Masters LLC will display a marketing sign on the client’s property for no less than 3 calendar days from the date of service.
Wash Masters LLC’s written and verbal estimates and prices are subject to an on-site survey. Estimates are valid for (30) days. The client agrees to remit payment to Wash Masters LLC for the entire project cost within seventy-two (72) hours upon project completion. The client further agrees to pay interest on unpaid balances beginning thirty (30) days after the invoice date at a rate of 10% per month, but such interest not to exceed the maximum rate allowed by law. The client agrees to notify Wash Masters LLC of any service dispute within seventy-two (72) hours upon project completion. The client agrees that any invoice amount not disputed within seventy-two (72) hours after services are rendered shall be considered a final and non-negotiable amount. The client agrees that failure to pay any amount due within thirty (30) days of invoice date may be considered a material breach of contract and Wash Masters LLC, at its option, may cease to perform all work without liability. If Wash Masters LLC is required to collect payments owed by the client, the client agrees to pay the collection expense, including reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by Wash Masters LLC.
Wash Masters LLC reserves the right to suspend services at any time.  Scheduled services may be changed or terminated by the client with a twenty-four (24) hour written notice to the other party. If the client changes or terminates the scheduled services in less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the schedule service date a $100 rescheduling fee will apply. Any payment for services rendered owed by client shall be due and payable at the time this agreement is terminated. All written cancellation notifications should be sent to info@washmasterscleaning.com.

Wash Masters LLC and the client agree that neither party will accept this contract without the express written consent of the other party. Wash Masters LLC and the client agree that this agreement represents the entire Contract between the parties, and it supersedes all prior agreements, either written or oral. This contract may only be modified in writing that makes specific reference to the provision being modified. The law of the State of Minnesota shall govern the validity, enforceability, terms, construction and interpretation of this Contract. In the event that any provision under this Contract is invalid or unenforceable under the application of law that shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions. The title of the various paragraphs of this Contract are solely for the convenience of the parties, and will not be used to explain, modify, amplify or aid in the interpretation of the provisions of this Contract.  The Forum for any dispute arising out of or related to this contract shall be at a venue exclusively in the State of Minnesota. The client does herby agree and submit to personal jurisdiction in the State of Minnesota for the purposes of any suit, proceeding or hearing brought to enforce or construe the terms of this Contract or to resolve any dispute or controversy arising under, as a result of, or in connection with this Contract of the parties’ relationship. The client waives any right to contest such venue and jurisdiction and any claims that such venue and jurisdiction are invalid.