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Window Cleaning In Monticello MN

Are you looking for a professional, affordable window cleaner near you?  Wash Masters provides the people of Monticello MN a window cleaning service they can rely on!  We have mastered the tedious task of window cleaning, offering both exterior only window cleaning and interior and exterior window cleaning, leaving you with the view and none of the headache.  Our technicians are equipped to safely clean-up to four stories high effectively.  Contact us today – it’s time to get your windows cleaned!

Our Services Include

Window Washing

Exterior Only and Full Service Packages

Power Washing

Exterior Wash, Hardscapes and Walkways

Gutter Cleaning

Debris Clean-up and Whitening

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Are you wondering if hiring window washing services in Monticello is worth the investment? If so, then don’t worry. You’re not alone. A lot of people just like you thought the same thing until they realized the total overall value they were getting.

Your home is one of your most prized investments in life. It should give you returns in terms of enjoyment, financial value, and quality of life. While there are some chores you can do around the house by yourself, we feel it’s wise to invest in a window washing company. Here’s why:


Have you ever taken some Windex, a paper towel, and tried to clean the mirror or window? Of course you have. And most likely, you were still frustrated with the result. The reason is that streaks are a common side effect from the wrong technique and tools.

We understand how simple window washing can sound on the surface. However, there is a big difference between windows that are done by a window washing company in Monticello and windows that get the DIY treatment. We carefully make our solutions, pick the tools, and clean your windows in a certain order to avoid smudges or streaks when we’re done.


Our Monticello window washing experts are masters of safety. In fact, that is our first priority. Now, we’re not talking about power tools or anything like that. But most modern homes have a window or two that are in high places and difficult to reach. No matter what kind of hills or landscaping you have around the home, we’ll find a way to clean it. But this means understanding safety and OSHA practices.

Other Tasks

If you really sit down to think about it, you probably have a number of other tasks you would rather tackle than window cleaning. We understand that you’re busy these days, so let us help you take a load off.


Is your time worth investing in window washing services? When you breakdown the cost of supplies and the time you spend, we think it most certainly is. Let us give you your time back so you can spend it how you want.

Treat Yourself

Perhaps you have all the time in the world. In that case, why not just treat yourself by hiring window washing professionals? Everyone deserves a break now and again. We’ll take care of your windows while you relax and kick your feet up.

In life, you get out of it what you put into it. If you don’t put anything into your home in the form of window washing or other services, you will miss out on all the benefits above. Instead of wasting time, energy, and being stressed out, let us take care of it for you. As the premier window washing company in Monticello, we’ll take care of you. You’ll be more than happy with the end results. When you see your clean, clear windows again you’ll be glad you called us. So get in touch today and let’s get the process started.

All Services

Wash Masters fits in with your schedule, with flexible service dates for one-time or ongoing service options.  We specialize in 1-3 story buildings, storefronts, restaurants, churches, schools, banks, new construction and homes.  Receive a discount when scheduling multiple services at a time.

Window Washing:

  • exterior and interior glass
  • screens, sills and tracks​
  • hard to reach windows
  • skylights

Pressure Washing:

  • exterior wash​
  • hardscapes and walkways

Gutter Cleaning:

  • debris clean-up
  • whitening

Other Services:

  • blind cleaning
  • mirror cleaning
  • ceiling fans
  • light fixtures
  • chandeliers​

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