Corcoran Power Washing Services

Corcoran Pressure Washing Services

Wash Masters has the right pressure washing units for several types of applications.  Whether you’re in need of deep concrete cleaning, a patio paver refresher, or a full exterior wash, Wash Masters can tackle the job!  Providing Corcoran with professional pressure washing services for several years, Wash Masters is a clear choice.  



  • siding – vinyl, stucco, brick, dryvit, etc
  • roof – asphalt, slab, shake
  • fencing – vinyl, wood, brick
  • decking – Trex, cedar, treated



  • driveways
  • sidewalks
  • paver stone
  • pool areas
  • retaining walls​​

Like the name suggests, pressure washing uses high pressured water to remove dirt, grime, moss, oil, and other contaminants from hard surfaces around your home or business. When heat is applied to this high-water pressure it is known as power washing. This form of cleaning is highly efficient and can be used to clean sidewalks, fences, driveways, patios, masonry, and even vehicles.

Although power washing is considered more efficient because heated water cleans surfaces better, there are some important things you should know about this intense cleaning method. First, it is not ideal for delicate surfaces. For something like vinyl siding or a roof, soft washing is the more appropriate cleaning method. Typically, this involves mild detergents, a waiting period, and a high volume of low-pressure water. Even if you wanted to remove a stain from a tough surface like a concrete garage floor that has sealer, power washing is probably not the appropriate method. It will remove everything from the surface of the concrete, including your sealer!

So, when is power washing the preferred choice over pressure washing or soft washing?

The pros at Wash Masters have a lot of experience cleaning stains from a variety of surfaces in Corcoran. It can be difficult for someone who doesn’t have the proper training to use a power washer properly. You don’t want to damage the surface you’re cleaning, and your average pressure washer from the department store probably isn’t powerful enough to clean the toughest stains. That’s where Wash Masters comes in! If you have a very tough surface like bare asphalt or concrete, and a very difficult stain like oil or grease, our power washing service will be the most effective method of cleaning. Power washing is a great solution for large areas like sidewalks and driveways. This type of cleaning also works on extreme moss buildup, and dirt that has accumulated and hardened over a long period. We have many satisfied customers in Corcoran and our reviews speak for us!

The heat and pressure of our top-notch power washing equipment will loosen the stuck dirt and grime. At Wash Masters, our experts are highly trained and equipped to handle the equipment necessary to take care of such intense cleaning.

At which times of the year should you choose power washing?

It depends on what we’re cleaning. If we’re stripping a fence or a deck for you to refinish, any time is fine. If we’re soft washing a house or roof, any time is fine. The most ideal time for power washing concrete is from spring to fall. It is important to try and avoid it during the winter as water can get deep into the cracks of concrete, freeze, and increase the size of the cracks further. It can also lead to more mold and mildew if the water does not dry properly.

Wash Masters will make sure that you get a spotless cleaning that will leave you in awe, without leaving any damage to your Corcoran property. Give us a call today if you’d like to know more about our process or if you’d like to schedule a visit!

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Wash Masters fits in with your schedule, with flexible service dates for one-time or ongoing service options.  We specialize in 1-3 story buildings, storefronts, restaurants, churches, schools, banks, new construction and homes.  Receive a discount when scheduling multiple services at a time.

Window Washing:

  • exterior and interior glass
  • screens, sills and tracks​
  • hard to reach windows
  • skylights

Pressure Washing:

  • exterior wash​
  • hardscapes and walkways

Gutter Cleaning:

  • debris clean-up
  • whitening

Other Services:

  • blind cleaning
  • mirror cleaning
  • ceiling fans
  • light fixtures
  • chandeliers​

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